About Tatiyana Cure

Tatiyana Cure is a subject matter expert and coach who helps managers identify, attract, recruit, onboard, develop, engage, and retain top talent.  She has partnered with managers nationwide within various industries, including technology, hospitality, restaurants, professional services, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profits, and real estate. Most recently, she focused on financial services and banking while based out of New York City and Los Angeles.

About Hire To Win

Hire to Win offers a fresh take on traditional how-to manuals and unpacks the full hiring process, from creating a business case to onboarding and engaging the new hire. In this book, Tatiyana Cure dissects the timeless principles of recruiting and interviewing, as well as introduces actionable strategies to enhance the practices currently used in the changing world and business. She reveals how to unlock the keys to success and work smarter rather than harder in hiring. 

  • Tactful strategies for asking to hire a new staff member for your team
  • Shortcuts for writing the best job description and hiring faster
  • Methods for identifying the best candidates
  • The science of interviewing to gather data and making well-informed hiring decisions
  • The art of negotiating and ensuring the job offer is accepted by top candidates
  • Strategies for onboarding the new hire to ensure theirs and the company’s long-term success

About HTWTalent

HTWTalent aims to equip managers achieve their business goals through their talent strategies. We are obsessed with winning and helping others win too. We do not believe that if someone wins, there must be someone who loses. HTWTalent is on a mission to spread winning talent insights to all. 

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